7 Dropshipping Mistakes That'll Get You BANNED!

Reviewing 7 Shopify dropshipping mistakes that’ll get you banned! Dropshipping beginner tutorial to start with no money & avoid bans! Dropshipping challenge, next up on the channel!👀



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  1. I didn't get it exactly, I mean. What is the actual way to test the products well before buying? Can we simply download the videos of other people just by removing watermark, changing song. And share them as ads? We can't do the same thing for the ads that have already been given before, but when it comes to the normal published videos, it turns out we can… Is this true? What if the owners of the normal videos see our ads?

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  2. What do you mean by getting banned? Does your store get shut down or you're banned on Shopify forever? Or does it affect more things than just the store? Like payment gateways?

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