BEST GENSHIN UPDATE?! Version 4.1 Special Program LIVE REACTION|Genshin Impact

My reaction to the genshin version 4.1 special program! Honestly blew my expectations out of the “water”… get it cause… fontaine… water… anyway…
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  1. I AM SO HYPED FOR 4.1 THE NEW AREAS THE CHARACTERS AND THE STORY OH MY LORDY I CAN'T WAIT. Not to mention neuvillette feels like the main character AND I AM HERE FOR IT.

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  2. I just wanted to say that when sayu swims (not underwater) her sleeves go through her hood this is completely Random but I just wanted to point that out

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  3. genshin does give an ok amount on anni. the problem is when you also play other gacha , cause then youll see how low they give compared to other games.

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  4. 1:14 i should be surprised, but considering our track record in each nation pretty much being magnet for troubles and getting in way of said nation law either directly or not makes me sigh. Also confirmation the last two will be like this as well

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  5. i love how genshin is oftentimes really racist. like mondstadt commiting race war against the hilichurls, liyue and inazuma were more oppressing the poor, but sumeru is racist against the desert people and fontaine is racist against the melusines (going off the why should we trust the melusines line).

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  6. Why do I have a feeling that Neuvillette will sacrifice himself? 😭 hoyo is giving more importance to his character in Fontaine than the archon herself…

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  7. Can anybody help me to how to increase my attack ? at lv 80 anemo travel the damage is 2k and other less than 1k
    My team characters are anemo traveler ( 80 ) kaeya (70 ) benett ( 60 ) beidou ( 70 ) yelan ( 60 )

    Is it dendro traveler better ? I don't have any constellations of dendro but c5 in anemo ?

    If yes how to obtain dendro constellation for free ?

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  8. Furina Begging could either be:

    1. The False Charges Neuvillette was talking about AKA "attempted murder" of Furina
    2. Arlecchino Threatening Furina
    3. Assassination attempt of Furina
    4. Furina Acting but suddenly shows her true power and color

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  9. 🤔Both is need sacrifice Hp to power up/boost the attack/quick recharge the charge skill

    More HP stats characters?🗿 Interestingly but

    I skip 👀

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  10. Im so hyped!!
    Archon quest gonna be so sickkkkk!!
    Very excited to know what happens.
    And ofc my lovely husbando neuvillette and wriothesley 👀❤️❤️❤️
    Hoyo didn't disappoint me at all hahaha good job hoyo!!

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  11. Ngl the moment I saw Chongyuns name appear I screamed so loud something off my wall fell. Can't tell if I did that or if that was a coincidence💀 (I such a weird Chongyun main)

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