Buy or Sell in This Market? Sacramento Real Estate Market Update

Who really is thinking to buy or sell in this market? Interest rates are getting higher, inventory is slow moving and the economy seems to be getting worse. Never fear your Sacramento real estate market update will go over these issues and so much more.

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7 bình luận về “Buy or Sell in This Market? Sacramento Real Estate Market Update”

  1. New agent and just signed up with a broker currently doing my paperwork for sar and mls but wow the timing!😢 I am wondering how bad this is really going to be starting in this market.

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  2. Great content. Thanks for sharing. Will be sharing this info to everyone! There is no guarantee on anything. This is why you need a great agent.

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  3. With Sacramento prices down 6% in 3 months and the Bay Area down well over 10%, I think we can all agree price appreciation is on hold for some time. Pending the labor market strength, there won't be much bigger declines. Another leg lower really requires job losses and massive weakness, but I do think that is coming in the 1-2 year timeframe. People still believing homes will roar back and post 10% gains for the years to come are delusional. Sorry. I'm calling for a flat to down real estate market for another 2-3 years at least, similar to the early 90s.

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  4. Hi Mark….YES… Its still good to buy… Were still short on inventory if they wait awhile they think it's all gonna go down..
    if we are short on inventory and they need to buy and the rates keep going up then they're gonna be even further behind

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