Ebay Dropshipping Or Shopify Dropshipping in 2020? – Dropshipping For Beginners

Ebay Dropshipping & Shopify Dropshipping are two profitable business models you can start in 2020, but should you dropship on ebay or dropship on shopify? This video is for anyone looking to get into dropshipping especially beginners looking to start drophipping!

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Dropshipping can be a very profitable business if done correctly, but if you’re new to dropshipping, you might get caught up deciding which platform to start dropshipping on. Shopify and Ebay are two different options for dropshipping in 2020 or beyond, but which one should you actually sell on? In this video I discuss three different topics and categories comparing both eBay and Shopify:

In this video I’ll discuss:
1. Learning Curve with both ebay dropshipping and shopify dropshipping
2. How much money it takes to get started with shopify dropshipping and Ebay dropshipping
3. How much money you can potentially make with Shopify dropshipping or Ebay Dropshipping

Watch this video if you’re looking up things like “Shopify dropshipping for beginners” or “how to dropship on ebay” or even “Should I dropship on Shopify” because this is a great way to learn which platform might be best for you if you want to start dropshipping!


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