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Frequently asked questions

What is Adsenger?

Adsenger is a platform for auction, distribution and measurement of advertising effectiveness on screens in taxis.

How does Adsenger work?

Create an advertising campaign in no time with App Adsenger. The platform will automatically deliver ads to each screen on the taxi and measure real effectiveness. You pay only when customers look at the ad.

How much it is?

Adsenger is charged according to the actual ad views. You can see the subscription plan here.

I care about interaction results, so how can I interact with customers?

+ Scan QR code to the landing page: mesenger, landing page, web …

+ Fill information directly into the form on the screen

+ Login to the link displayed on the screen

+ Take deals to get to the store

+ Contact the hotline and use a code for the offer.

How is the effectiveness of advertising on Adsenger's platform?

+ Number of people reaching by the ad: By time and location

+ Ad view: Accurately measure the number of viewers looking at the screen by location, time, and demographics

+ Interact with advertising: Scan, click, access the link directly on the screen by time, location, demographic

+ Conversions: Customer information received from interactions

+ Spending: By time and location

+ Cost index: Cost / 1 view, cost / reach, cost / interaction

+ Effective ratio: Views / outreach, interactions / views

How are ads displayed on the screen?

Ads can display in 5 formats: Photo, gif, video, youtube, HTML. Each display is 15 seconds, after 15 seconds another ad will be shown. The ad will be displayed when the camera detects that a person in the vehicle can see the ad

Where does Adsenger's driver partners work?

Adsenger’s partners are traditional and technology taxis in big cities (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh …) Adsenger is deploying in Ho Chi Minh City.

What technologies does Adsenger use?

Computer Vision technology helps you measure real views and report realtime ads.
AI technology helps you optimize ad delivery precisely and automatically

What should an advertiser do to verify the accuracy of the data?

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How does Adsenger's platform support advertisers to optimize your advertising?

With Computer Vision and AI Technology

– We will identify and evaluate customer response to your ad and determine whether it’s good or bad. Your ad will measure directly based on real viewers

– Make sure your ad delivers to the right target customers by determining their age and gender when synchronizing data in the system
With App Mobile tracking:

– We help you create A / B test ads to evaluate the effectiveness before running with a large budget

– Display real-time reports for your convenience – corrections

– Finish a campaign with performance indicators to help you make an optimal decision

What is the cycle of a taxi passenger when approaching Adsenger ads?

1: Customers reach the device: See ads

2: Customers interact with the ad: Scan Qrcode, click fill information, access the link provided. (Scan interaction and click will be recorded by the system in the report)

3: Conversion information: After interaction, customers will need to leave information on the landing page after scanning or fill information directly on the screen.

What is the size of the screen?

Resolution: 1280 x 800 Pixels

Screen size: 10.1 ’

Do I need to fund my account before running ads?

Yes, you must add budget to your account before running. You pay only when customers see your ad. If your ad shows but customers don’t see it, you won’t be charged.
To help you implement your campaign well, we will provide you with reports and insights so you can track the performance and cost of your ads.

I was charged when having true views. How are these views counted?

Adsenger’s Computer Vision technology measures the customer’s eye angle to calculate the true view.

If customers look at your ad, you are charged. If customers do not look at the screen (see phones, read books, talk, …) then you are not charged.

How long does a subscription run?

The display time of the ad is calculated according to the time you set in the campaign. Adsenger’s technology will evenly distribute your ads during this time.

You can pause or cancel ad campaigns at any time. Additionally, you can adjust the budget of each campaign anytime you want.

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