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adsenger quang cao man hinh trong taxi
adsenger quang cao man hinh trong taxi

Step 1

Create your message

Emphasize your marketing message with 15s display ads (TVC broadcast, gift voucher, product introduction, online ordering). You can upload creative in 5 format: images, animations, videos, HTML, youtube links …

Step 2

Decide where and when to advertise

Select time and location to display. You can choose both the total campaign running time and the displaying ad hours to suit your advertising needs.




Choose your customers

To optimize costs, your ads must be displayed to the right audience. Adsenger allows you to select an audience by demographics (age, gender), location and time to display. Adsenger will then deliver to the audience on demand.

Gender :

Age :



Step 4

Set your budget cap

Decide how much you want to spend on each campaign on a daily or full-time budget. You can adjust your budget or stop the campaign at any time.

Budget cap :

Adjust anytime


Your estimated results

2000 true views / day


Go live and optimize your campaign

Adsenger will show your ad to the passenger fit your target. You can track real advertising metrics via Mobile App and optimize the campaign any time, anywhere.

adsenger quang cao man hinh trong taxi


Pay per impression

Impressions are counted during the time customers sit in front of the screen and view ads.
If a customer views your ad, it is charged. If the customer does not look at the screen (see phone, reading, talking, …) then you are not charged.

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