F1 Clash 2022 | Update 24 Major Changes (online business,ecommerce,crypto,real estate)

F1 clash 2022 update 24 alot of changes, in today’s f1 clash 2022 gameplay video we look at updates sneak peeks from hutch, that shows what will be coming in the next f1 clash update
that will be coming out next week so we take a look at what we’re getting check it out.

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  1. Swiping was only the result of the poor matchmaking system F1 Clash. I don’t mind facing someone in duels -+50TS . But people were getting 100-150-+ which was unfair. GP events suck at the moment especially . Last year you could compete fairly . But this year you can hardly Q

    Trả lời
  2. I feel this update is them finally admitting that the matchmaking sucks, without saying it does. After so many people have told them it's unfair. And the player is told you can win with strategy through their representatives you contact with issues. I have personally been told this multiple times.

    Trả lời
  3. yes swiping to get a better match was used by me. It assured better results in events and also loosing too much coins. But it was also annoying because you want to play and not restart the game soooo often.

    Trả lời

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