How AI is revolutionizing digital marketing for beginners

What is Digital Marketing?
In short, Digital Marketing is the use of electronic media to promote or advertise products, organizations or brands in the Internet world. Especially the rate of advertising in social media is currently the highest. This is because 62.5 percent (according to 2022 estimates) of people in the world are using the Internet, of which about 75 percent use social media regularly. Therefore, the way of business is becoming more prosperous by using Social Media and Digital media. And compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is very affordable and profitable. Therefore, digital marketing is very necessary for businesses these days.

If we compare online marketing with offline marketing, some ideas can be obtained. So let’s see,
Online marketing usually focuses on content.
And offline marketing usually focuses more on the product.
Again online marketing includes third parties like media, web content, search e-mail, social media.
And offline marketing includes mass media, templates, calling.
Online can reach more people at lower cost.
In offline business, even spending more, customers cannot be reached.
Online Marketing We Can Do Twenty Four Into Seven.
And offline marketing has a specific time limit.
I know the video is getting a little big.
Today we will discuss about 8 such mediums. Which can bring revolutionary changes in business.
At a glance, the best 8 means of Digital Marketing are
1. Search engine optimization
2. Search Engine Marketing
3. Content marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Digital Display Marketing
6. Mobile Marketing
7. Email Marketing
8. Affiliate Marketing


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