How To Find Winning TikTok Products to Sell (IN 15 MINUTES) – Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, I’m breaking down how to utilize tools to help you find winning products that you can be selling on TikTok and different strategies to help increase your sales during Q4!

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  2. Dropship ⚡ Biggest takeaway is while most people think the most important part of starting an online business is finding that PERFECT product, what will separate good from great marketers is the ability to scale and utilize data collected in the process of building up to actually propell your business to spaceship levels. It's what's gathered in the process that will make the end result 10x better. Be smart about your tools. Don't waste 50 hours on that logo.

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  3. I< have been following you since 2020 and you have come to be one of the most trusted channels I watch. We know that mortgage rates are on the rise limiting the buying power of those looking to invest. It is critical to understand that buying power is not a true reflection of the real estate market. So if a buyer was able to afford a monthly payment in 2020 of $4000 per month, which might have put them into a $600,000 home, that same payment today may only afford that family a $500,000 home. Does that mean that the Long Island real estate market is down? No. But it does mean that buyers need to accept this reality. When people started telling me that housing prices will never go down and I am stupid to wait… I knew waiting was the right thing to do. The homes in my area are 200 to 300 thousand above pre pandemic prices. Something has to give, either we have low rates and rising home prices or high interest and declining home prices. We cannot have both high rates AND high home prices. You need to invest today because your money is more valuable today than it will be in a year. Investing should always be a process over time, but when you're in a high inflation environment and the Fed is aggressively tightening monetary policy, it is without a doubt a riskier time to be in equities, but you have to be mindful of the disciplines that are important to help you navigate through what is generally a more volatile period of time. Even within equities, you may want to rotate into areas that generally perform better in higher inflation like the crypto market which i have played part in. I've made over 9.3 BTC with 2.5 BTC from day trading using trade signal from my Investment Advisor, Mr. Brycen Stanley. His insights and trade signal brings good return on investment. Teaching is just like parable and clear for the wise. This is one of the best tools to shield your prosperity when it starts to downturn. Reach out to him on ͲeIєɠɾαm @Brycensignals…..…

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    "Q4 is the most profitable time for the dropshipping business."
    This is probably something I liked the most and will be smashing on to 6 figures in these months. 💵💵💵💰

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  5. DROPSHIP. You are the absolute legend in ecommerce industry. I have never seen such an experienced and wealthy seller just telling other people his money-making strategies for FREE. Just think about it. You're my biggest source of education and knowledge about dropshipping. You are the reason I am planning to cursh Q4 soon. Don't miss out the opportunity guys. Would love to hop on consulting call with and go all over my questions. Peace! ✌

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  6. DROPSHIP – I've am learning a lot from you these days from your live, YT videos, & dms. In this video, my biggest takeaway is I should focus on gifts instead of other products which do not have high perceived value. Having a high perceived value for the product is really important. Thanks for sharing that really important FB strategy.

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  7. Loved this video, but how I know the product is satured? I mean what the metrics are (above x total views, if I find n total ads/video about that product)

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  8. DROPSHIP. I'm 21 I'm a caretaker for my father and I'm in uni I've been watching your videos to become financially free I just want to say thank you, I'm hoping to start this year I can start with your help.

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  9. DROPSHIP- biggest takeaway, finding a strategies in getting in contact with customers even after they didn’t buy anything. Making sure your in contact with them can help make those sales in the future.

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  10. Drop ship……my biggest take away was that how quickly you broke it down so I could understand this business better…..thank you 😀

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  11. Dropship – My BIGGEST takeaway is that it IS POSSIBLE to do this, its never been so much easier to use technology to outsource research to scale up your business. Now is the time fellas! lets do this!

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  12. Dropship- i actually had trouble figuring out how to email the abounded cart customers , and you gave a great klayvio synopsis , hella Gems in this one

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  13. Dropship-My biggest takeaways was how to use tools/resources (Sellercount & Klaviyo) that I've never heard of to elevate my scalability and marketing

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  14. Dropship. My biggest take away from this vid is how important it is to make a big move in the next few days or weeks since we are in the best quarter of the year to start a dropshipping store yet i am kind of struggling to do so

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  15. Another great video! Should i purchase the product from aliexpress myself to make videos with it for tiktok? Because it would take few weeks tell it arrived, is their a better way?

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