How To Start Shopify Dropshipping in 2023 (BEGINNER GUIDE)

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  1. Where does the product go to if they decide they Want to return it? Also when they buy the product the the website automatically send the product to their location itself? Thanks for this video!

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  2. Learned a lot from this video but I was wondering if $100 for advertising enough to start generating sales? Should I use TikTok or Facebook Ads?

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  3. If we use your sourcing agency to source our product. How do we link it to our store, since dsers only works for AliExpress and the like.

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  4. Can I try out products with tiktok organic method if I am on low budget and if they are working scale with paid ads once the money start rolling in?

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  5. Is this even legal to just take pictures from other shops or to promise a faster healing or to make false advertising by pretending the price is discounted from 99.99 $?

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  6. Very cool, thank you!

    The 5 Most Important Factors To Know When Sourcing Products For Your Store.

    1.Mind the size and weight of the product. Bigger, heavier products are expensive to ship. This will eat into your profits. Stay away from big, heavy items.

    2.Some things are returned more often than others. for example, people return shoes a lot. On the other hand, gifts are not usually returned. Stay away from products with a lot of variations and high returnability.

    3.Are you competing with your suppliers? If your suppliers are also selling their products on their website, you're literally competing with them. Why would the customer shop with you when they can just buy from the source?

    4.Is the product resalable if returned? For example, a shoe that is worn even once will be dirty and you probably won't be able to resell it as new. A calculator will not likely show signs of wear, so you can probably resell it as new. This also goes for packaging. Some products don't even need packaging.

    5.High ticket items bring in the best profits, but beware of returns, refunds and chargebacks. There is more buyers remorse with high ticket items and you will have to refund big sums of money. Also, losses will hurt a lot more.

    Hope this helps!

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