I Started A Viral Dropshipping Business In 72 Hours With No Money

Millionaire Tries Starting A Business In 72 Hours Using $0!

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In today’s video, I embarked on a mission to build a profitable business in less than 72 hours with NO money!

This challenge was far from easy; come join me on a journey of building this business from scratch.

We used Shopify dropshipping methods to start this business and, ultimately, TikTok to promote it.

If you want to learn how to dropship on Shopify, you can check out my channel, where I have tons of valuable tutorials!


22 bình luận về “I Started A Viral Dropshipping Business In 72 Hours With No Money”

  1. Why did the account get suspended? Does this mean organic dropshipping is over? I was literally getting ready to start with organic but now this worries me

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  2. Hello How do I get a product quickly enough personally for me to test alone and see if it’s worth making a website with??

    I’ve seen someone say use spocket to get the product quickly but like I don’t know how to buy one on spocket to test it.

    What’s the quickest way???

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  3. Hey man the dropshipping launch pad is amazing! Haven’t had too much time to use it though but will soon when I have time off! Also I’m not inactive i will use it so please don’t remove me🙏

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  4. Definitely a product with a "wow" factor but I think people can definitely run into issues with this product, such as social media accounts getting suspended or ads not getting approved because of the safety factor with a product involving fire.

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