I Tried ClickFunnels Dropshipping For 1 Week! (From Scratch)

I Tried ClickFunnels Dropshipping For 1 Week! (From Scratch)

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In this video I tried selling a product using a drop shipping business model, I built and designed my website using ClickFunnels which is a direct competitor of shopify. If you are interested in the ecommerce industry and want to start making sales online then watch this video very carefully because I do a very detailed explanation of how to set up your ClickFunnels funnel in order to be profitable at the end of the day.

For marketing I used facebook ads and ran a simple cold targeting campaign. Dropshipping is a business model that requires testing.

PRODUCT RESEARCH: For product research, i’m still using Drop Point. it’s little bit harder to find good supplier that have fast shipping, so i included a link for polygel nail supplier. I never worked with that guy before, so please do your research

WEBSITE CREATION: I used Clickfunnels and tried my best in the video to explain how to create funnels

AD CREATION: We Used Bandsoffads and premier pro

LAUNCHING ADS: 20 adsets * $5 ads

RESULTS: I’m super satisfied with the results, and i feel like with proper knowledge you ca definately kill it with clickfunnels



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  1. The next day i made $114, so looks like this product has some demand. You guy can confirm it by testing it for yourself,, I added the Ad Creative Videos in the description. So, for now scroll back up ,, and carefully SMASH the LIKE Button

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  2. You didn’t include the extra costs of the two or three nail drying machines you’d have to order in your final profit total. So profit even lower, but glad you had sales the next day.

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  3. Sagar bhai, can I earn 40K per month (to be honest, I am not expecting in lakhs initially) in 2-3 months through dropshipping, ecommerce????? Please guide me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I am from India…..

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  4. Hey Bro. I registered with your link. Good funnel. Can you tell me what needs to do to add multiple quantities on the second step at checkout? I have just dynamically updated 🙁

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  5. Do you really want a set of tools you can try out for FREE to see if it has the following tools:

    – Website/Funnel builder that is very user friendly

    – A/B Testing

    – Countdown timers

    – Fast Page loading

    – Full SEO Tools

    – Email Marketing

    – Drag and Drop Marketing Automation

    – SMS Messaging

    – CRM

    -Funnel Sharing

    – Video Hosting

    – Auction Checkout

    – Free Training

    And many more tools that you wont believe.

    Try it for FREE NOW!


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  6. Hey  
    On this page I found a pretty cool list with a lot of reliable suppliers in it. Over 500 from the EU and over 200 from the USA. It has pretty much every niche in it that you can imagine. I found some suppliers in the list with whom I am currently working together very well.
    I think there you'll find some for your needs, too   https://www.dropshippingmerchant.com/

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  7. Hay Brov thanks for sharing . I find click funnels monthly subscription bit expensive . Their cheapest subscription is around $95 a month. Also there is no automatic connection to the supplier's website. Its difficult to process your orders on click funnels especially if you are selling many products a day. Any suggestions how to get around it there is no Oberlo – Ali express type of link available.

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  8. this video is scummy and fake. he showed customer info its all fake. he is just using this video to promote his affiliate link. There are better more truthful youtubers out there beware

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