Marketing Online Performances presented by Naomi Belshaw

This ‘Marketing Online Performances’ event delivered by Naomi Belshaw of WildKat PR and Naomi Belshaw Consultancy took place on 28 July 2020, and was the third in a three-part series of CPD events related to Online Performances that was presented by Linda O’Shea Farren, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.

Naomi Belshaw explores not only how marketing can be used to increase attendance at online performances, but also beyond this in terms of career strategy generally and how to present oneself depending on what path a composer/performer wants to take.

Following this slide presentation, which also addresses problems raised in advance by participants in this session, Linda O’Shea Farren opens the floor to a Q&A discussion about how to use free or affordable and readily available technology to market online performances.


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