My Best Miles Card Strategy To Earn MAXIMUM MILES

Here’s how you can earn maximum miles with the best miles card strategy.

Stock Brokers
► Webull (free stock)
► moomoo Futu SG (free stock)
► Interactive Brokers
► Tiger Brokers (free stock)
► uSMART (free stock)
► moomoo US (SSN, up to 10 free stocks)

Credit Cards
►‌ ‌HSBC Revolution
► Citi Rewards
► DBS Woman’s World Card
► UOB PRVI Miles
► UOB Absolute Cashback
►‌ ‌Instarem Amaze

► Gemini (free $10)
► KuCoin
► app (free $25) CODE “kelvinlearnsinvest”
► exchange CODE “kelvinlearnsinvest”
► Coinhako (20% discount)
► Ledger

► Endowus (free $20)
► Syfe with CODE “KELVIN”
► Stashaway (50% off fees)
► MoneyOwl ($20 GrabFood)

► Seeking Alpha (58% off)

‌► EverDesk Table (up to $145 off) CODE “22+KLI”
► ErgoTune Chairs (up to $30 off) CODE “22+KLI”


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► Twitter
► Discord

0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Best card for offline/online spend
2:17 – Another best card for offline/online spend + oversea transactions
5:18 – Best card for online spend
7:17 – Best card for general spend
8:44 – Second best card for general spend
10:33 – Third best card for general spend

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  1. Hi Kevin, you can seek advice from Alvin Chow from Dr Wealth about allocating some of your fund to invest in HK stock which have an average P/E 6.6x.

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  2. I dot not recommend having too many mile cards. For most banks if you want to convert your bank points to miles, you need to pay around $25 fee. Assuming you want 50k miles for a $700 flight, from 3 cards, just the fee will take about $75, and this exclude the tax you will pay when redeem the miles for flight.

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