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  1. It cant be denied, Tectone the best to watch for reaction, but aside from well whatever all the excess stuff was, yea in reality that trailer was really all that was worth seeing, all else was pretty predictable.

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  2. they've already showcased the damage number being disabled in this lifestream. So, how do I turn it off in-game? I hope this is an incoming feature.

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  3. 2:38 kinda embarrassing seeing the chat "correct" Tectone on Wriothesley's name pronunciation when they're literally wrong, kinda pathetic tbh lmfao

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  4. I'm disappointed in how Genshin is managed…..but one thing I will say is that the marketing team has never missed even if the characters were garbage they made them look great. And the music (biased opinion) is always top tier. Came for the news…stayed for the music.

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  5. The trailer hits hard in this one. We get to investigate the prison with neru's help with false charges. Something sinister is going on that we need to uncover. From looking 2 scenes, I can see the prison is gonna be destroyed, either by normal water flooding or the waters of the sea that dissolves fontaine blooded people. We're most likely trying to prevent the prophesy, but it seems to have gotten worse, and I guessed correctly that neru's not human but a whole different race/species due to his lack of vision and constellion. Arlecchino most likely got to Furina while we was away, and seems to despise her greatly.

    So from our adventures of Tervat, we have done the following: Saved a nation from a dragon and freed it. Uncovered a murder case and saved a whole nation, all the while meeting adeptis of the archon of Geo. Became part of a war between archon and resistance and fought the archon not once, but twice along with crown duel with La Senora; getting everyone's visions back. Learned the dark truth of the sages and the imprisoned Dendro Archon. Formed a team, fought against a created mech god of the balladeer, freed the dendro god; got to learn the truth of the balladeer origins, all the while getting him on our side with no way of the futai knowing about his existance (he erased himself in a way).

    So now, we have to save an entire race (fontaine/fontainians???) from being dissolved into water, the nation being swallowed by the sea, leaving only ruins and an archon, and prevent an even greater disaster and destruction befalling Fontaine.

    Damn we really going on one hell of an adventure saving people left and right.

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  6. I cant even describe how excited I am. This looks insane! Hopefully its as good as it looks. Genshin could be making a turn for the better! I have a feeling Fontaine main story is gonna be one of the best.

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  7. Hoyoverse (the genshin side) really is a special company, they managed to make an 80 minute livestream and show, say, and give virtually nothing, the new story yeah that's something to look forward to, the rest was literally garbage that hoyoverse threw into the live steam because they're so up their own ass about their mid-ass-game that they managed to make a live stream last for this long even though what was worth showing was over in about 10 minutes.

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  8. I barely see any genshin fans complaining about the anniversary rewards, instead HSR fans are getting butthurt about genshin's 3rd anniversary. 🤸🤸

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  9. I just tired to hate to do something to make them feel the same pain as they did it from the 1st anniversary. And so on. Every year. F*ck them and lets forget about that we should expect something like that from them. Just play a MINIMUM time in game. Don't spend money except monthly card. And save up all the primos to pull something decent good. I have c5 Xiao. All my donate in total is like 300 US. No more. Mostly all donate from a start from 2.0. Now its just about to save and spend wisely. The more people go with a same way and avoid to be REAL dumb the fast we will get decent rewards on – anniversary / daily rewards / rewards from new content (maybe it will be dungeon) / decent and not trashy 5 stars. Yes. Unfortunately people are dumb. They see whole picture…and they still give a lot of money on the game. Sad 😕

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