Print Marketing for Commercial Photography: Part 2: My Print Marketing Strategy

After watching the first video in the series (🔗 you should have a better understanding of how to build your marketing strategy and dream client list.

But how do you reach out to these prospective clients? How do you “wow” them?

This is where the power of print really shines…

My print marketing strategy consists of three key elements:

✅ Physical mailers and leave behinds
✅ Promotional pieces
✅ Print Portfolio

➡️ Physical mailers and leave behinds:

These postcard style print pieces are a great way to showcase your images to potential clients and share beautifully printed samples of your work. I leave them after a meeting with a client and I also send out these promos 6 times per year to my dream clients. Be sure to print them on thicker paper, at least 300gsm or more.

➡️ Promotional pieces:

The idea behind a promotional piece is that you create something memorable and impactful that they won’t want to throw out. Remember, you are trying to grab the attention of someone who is creative — make something that excites them and that they will want to share! Sometimes it is a small book, a print box, a calendar or other way to showcase my work.

➡️ Print portfolio:

This is the opportunity to wow clients with the quality of my work in an in-person meeting.

I will cover the print portfolio more in the next video in this series. Stay tuned for Part 3! 🤗

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Paper:
Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Printer:


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  1. Thank you so much for this video series. I am currently drawing so much inspiration from your content – as someone who wants to develop and work as a fashion and beauty photographer, your content is the most insightful and relevant I have ever seen!

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  2. probalby most digital marketers would disagree on sending print porfolios like you mention. But I think is a good strategy and very personal touch to send them your prints in a box like these even thought it could be expensive to make and probably it takes a lot of time, I think in this world being seen and be succesfull is to be diffrent ( than the rest). And now days going offline is the ''thing'', especcialy when someone make this probably the same feeling with assosiatces with unpacking a present! I wonder what is your cenversion rate on this kind of strategy?

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  3. This was such a good video! I'm in a service-based business as well (bodywork) so I need to find a way to reach out to clients like how you did! Well done!!

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  4. Love you, Lindsay! Love your work, Love your videos! Have followed you for years and always learn new stuff! Would love to see you live when I can swing it! Thank you for everything. One small request…and maybe it's only because I'm older… but any chance you can turn down or eliminate the background music? I find it's distracting, repetitive and takes attention off your message. YOU are dynamic enough, girlfriend! <3

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  5. I had a lunch meeting with a former executive of Condé Nast two years ago. He said they don’t make prints anymore. So many businesses and agencies are switching to online rather than prints. I used to do this myself just as you described. Old school and send print outs. But guess what, they sit in files collecting dust. Oftentimes are discarded or misplaced. The same for actors and models when they submit printed comp cards and headshots. Most agencies prefer digital than prints. This is coming from the mouth of an executive of the most powerful magazine industry in the world. I’ll never forget my lunch meeting with him and thanked him for his sage advice and input as a insider. Something to ponder.

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  6. Thanks again & may you touch the top rank (I mean No.1 rank in FASHION & BEAUTY industry) with your FANTASTIC & FABULOUS art of PHOTOGRAPHY…..Love Respect & Care…..@hello.varun…..

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  7. These are very good tips! They do come in handy! We are also posting some videos with tricks and tips on how to optimise your print marketing 😀

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  8. Ughh yo Lindsay ! These videos are so amazing, yet so short. It makes me want a WHOLE in depth “Business of Photography” tutorial from her. Love hearing her passion and love for her craft. The business is the weakest thing being taught in this industry in my opinion. I really wanna learn ! Lindsay please make one ! 😩

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  9. Oooooh look at those boxes. I'd so buy one of those :3

    Great info as always. What I'm really curious about though is what the response rate back is to all these physical prints you send out.
    I'd be absolutely gutted if I spent so much time on putting a little something together and then hear crickets. Which is silly because you're sending these to big companies, which is less personal, so not much of a reply is what I'd expect. But still.

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  10. Thank you for dispensing such valuable advice. Photographers need this information and few uTubers are sharing this. Prints are definitely how I got almost all my jobs. Too many miss the whole point. The print is the performance. Beautiful promos! Collector’s items! Do you sell a limited edition for collectors? I look forward to the next in the series. What a gift you are giving ti struggling photographers; a real 🔑 Key 🔐. Thanks Lindsay, U r a great teacher, coach as well as being an inspiration.

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  11. You mean to tell me, Lindsay, that there are still companies who have yet to hire you that you have on your list? You are the best there is, I am not sure what they are looking for.

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  12. i love your artwork thank you so much for your videos that are helpful as a fashion photographer, i wish you will show to us photoshop tips too if possible. big love from Moroccan based in Portugal

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